Online Zoom Session Preparation

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Image by Aleksander Vlad

Preparation to help you get the most out of your zoom sessions:


You may already be familiar with using zoom so you will have sorted out the lighting and a comfortable setting, we may record some parts of the session for you to watch back, but I will always check in with you first. In additional to your normal use of zoom here are a few additional things to consider:

  • Have a pen and piece of paper just in case you need to note anything down

  • Make sure you're sitting in a comfortable chair, (or you can lay down on a bed/sofa once we get into the therapy.)  

  • Please make sure you place your device so that I can see you on the screen particularly your face, and you can see me. (This is really important)

  • Ideally use headphones, this ensures less feedback and we can hear each other clearly.  (this may be easier if you use your phone/tablet to ensure flexibility of location?)

  • Once we start our session have your phone on silent so you won’t be disturbed by any calls/text messages

  • And finally have some tissues by your side, just in case.  Sometimes people can get upset during a session, this is absolutely normal and not an issue, so pleased don’t get embarrassed or apologise.  I will always make sure you are feeling in a good place by the end of the session

  • If the internet connect fails then please just use the original link to sign back in

  • Any questions – please ask