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The Virtual IVF, is a 6 hour program that is delivered live online via zoom over 3 consecutive days.

(Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning)

This program is a culmination of 14 years’ experience working with women who are struggling with fertility problems. This is not physical interventions but psychological intervention to help the mind body connection to work to its full capacity. 

The Virtual IVF can be used in conjunction with your current IVF medical treatments to help the process be smoother, more effective and much less stressful.  All of which have a remarkable impact with helping you create the family you desire.  If you’re on your 1st or 10th round of IVF or feeling ready to give up, the virtual IVF will give you hope and support you through your journey.

The Virtual IVF will work through all the issues that you face with the medical procedures, we plan and rehearse, in a hypnotic state all of the medical processes you undergo, from injections to embryo transfer and how to thrive during the 2 week wait!

My aim is to build a positive and supportive community for women undergoing fertility treatment, helping you to get the most of what others have learnt before you. 

Help me to reach my goal of 1000 women overcoming fertility issues!

Because I want to deliver the very best program possible I would like your involvement to be part of the fine tuning.  In return for offering this program for £49.99 I would like your feedback, testimonials and success stories that are created from the Virtual IVF.  After 3 months Virtual IVF will be sold at £495.


Not only will you gain from the live sessions you will about self-hypnosis and receive different recordings to continue to listen to.  You will also learn about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which you can use in any situation to help reduce and calm anxiety and stress.

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Thank you Jenny for all your help and support over the last 3 years it has been hugely appreciated (IVF Twins)

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