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In September 2013 I fell very ill when I was in the early weeks of pregnancy with my fourth child. I had extreme morning sickness. I felt nauseous all the time. I was vomiting constantly even when I had not eaten or drunk anything. I felt horrendous and extremely tired. My only movements were from my bed to the bathroom and back to bed. Some days were so horrible that I didn’t even try to venture out of bed because I had absolutely no energy. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and I was admitted to hospital twice for rehydration treatment as I was so dehydrated. I was prescribed anti-emetic medication but I did not feel that the medicine was having any effect. My mental health was suffering and I was getting depressed.

I had discussed Hypnotherapy with Jenny as she is a trained Hypnotherapist and I told her that I was happy to try it. We arranged a date and time for a Hypnotherapy session but on the scheduled date my health deteriorated. I was thinking about how to get out of bed to go to hospital for the third time when Jenny called and I told her that I had just asked my husband to help me get ready to go to hospital as I felt so weird and woozy. Jenny informed me that she was already near my house and asked if she could still pop by, I was happy to see her and I asked her if we could hold a hypnotherapy session immediately as I was desperate to get well.



The NHS Choices website describes Hypnotherapy as a type of complementary therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. I felt very relaxed during the Hypnotherapy session. It lasted around one hour and most importantly, I did not feel nauseous. I lay there on my bed and had nice thoughts for a change. I fell asleep and felt light but strong - Like a very big burden had been lifted or washed away; it’s very hard to explain. When I awoke I realised that I still did not feel nauseous and I had a sip of flat lemonade. I was very surprised that I did not vomit immediately so I had a gulp. (I was surprised because previously I would be sick as soon as I ingested any food or drink.) 

I did not return to hospital after that Hypnotherapy session and I disposed of the anti-emetic medication because I did not vomit again throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I went on to have a very healthy baby boy.

After four years of trying for a baby following a miscarriage we started IVF treatment.  Jenny had hypnotised me before we started to get me prepared which was fantastic.  It helped me think positively and feel relaxed and confident about the journey ahead of us.  We began hypnotherapy at the key stages of IVF in particular the egg collection.  This was very successful as we had 11 collected of which 6 fertilised.  The feeling whilst being hypnotised is so powerful you really feel anything is achievable.  I found Jenny was excellent at listening to concerns or feelings and using them during the hypnosis to turn them around into a positive mindset.  During my two week wait to find out if the IVF was successful we had more sessions of hypnosis to help keep me positive.  The IVF was a success which I put down to the hypnotherapy keeping me calm and relaxed about it all.  


During my pregnancy we started the hypnobirthing therapy.  This was also fantastic and really helped to prepare me for the birth and look forward to it.  At one point my baby became breech and so we had a series of sessions to try and turn him.  The night before my hospital scan to check which position he was in Jenny hypnotised me using visualisation to try and turn him into the correct position.  I have never felt him move as much as he did and definitely felt him turn, 

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Jenny witnessed lots of movement on my bump and at the scan he had actually turned which was brilliant!  I then had high blood pressure and again Jenny gave me hypnosis to bring it down which was successful.  All this meant we could have the water birth I was aiming for.  Unfortunately due to complications and being two weeks overdue meant I couldn’t have a water birth, this didn’t dishearten me though as I knew the hypnobirthing sessions had prepared me well enough to have a calm and natural birth.  We played the same music Jenny used when hypnotising me and that really helped me get into the zone.  Using the breathing techniques and self hypnosis really did work and even my Husband managed to hypnotise me following Jenny’s excellent guidance.  The midwife looking after me couldn’t believe how calm and quiet I was and told me at the end that I was the most relaxed Mummy to be she had ever looked after.  The birth was natural, no epidural or drugs other than a small amount of gas and air near the end.  


I can’t thank Jenny enough for the fantastic sessions of hypnosis.  Jenny really is excellent and tailors the hypnosis to make it extremely personal to you so you feel anything is possible.

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"Through hypnotherapy Jenny helped me to overcome all my fears of childbirth. I had been imprinted with negative images of birth from a young age through having a mum and sister who had each had three children and never managed a natural birth. I even remember my granny telling her own birthing horror stories. Through hypnosis and relaxation techniques and lots of practice Jenny helped me to visualise a postive and calm birth for my son. There was no mumbojumbo which a lot of people think hypnosis is all about. While I ended up in hospital, it was a positive, quiet and drug free experience which I would be happy to repeat. The midwives couldn't believe it was my first as I was so relaxed. My family couldn't believe it, and were impressed how I was up and about the next day as hadn't had major surgery which to them was an unavoidable part of childbirth!

While birth is the part of motherhood many women fear, Jenny made it by far the easiest."

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Mental preparation for birth is the most important but most neglected thing when having a child. People spend hours planning nursery's, buying things they will never use, reading baby books they'll be too tired to remember, and listening to birthing horror stories, when instead they should be putting that energy into learning to breathe and focus and train their minds for a positive experience. Jenny helps and guides that process and instils in you the confidence and the ability to give birth calmly with strength.

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Once again, a session with Jenny in person and then listening to her recorded affirmations everynight, made 

baby no.2's arrival 6 years later and 6 years older a breeze. I decided to have baby no.2 at hospital, because we had just moved into a new house 2 weeks previously so hadn't been able to plan for a home birth and didn't feel comfortable there yet. I had the first twinges of early labour at 5 past midnight.  I breathed through the surges 

quietly and calmly as they came, lying next to my sleeping 6 year old, until about 6am, when I decided I should 

probably wake up my husband who had been on a long night shift the previous evening. I called the hospital at about 6.45 and they told me to have a shower and wait a few hours before coming in. I said no I am probably 

ready now. The distraction of phoning them made me feel uncomfortable for a while but once in the car and 

ready by about 7.10, put my headphones on with my affirmations, closed my eyes and things improved. That 

journey to the hospital was something I knew I had to overcome as a fear. Luckily there was not much traffic at 

that time of the morning. When I arrived at the hospital I thought I might give birth in the carpark and then again in the lift. The midwives sent us to the waiting room, I must have been projecting utter calm, because I was like I need to give birth now. After about 10 minutes in the waiting room where they seemed to have forgotten about 

us I sent Lucas out to remind them we were there and that I had not planned to trade a home birth for a hospital waiting room birth. After wondering the corridors for what seemed like ages and collapsing in the corridor from a contraction they eventually sped up and found a clean room. 

The midwife checked me out and said ready when you are. I knelt on the bed and two surges later out popped 

baba at 7.44 with an apagar of 10.