Overcome the Fear
of Childbirth

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Overcome The Fear Of Childbirth And Enjoy A Natural Birth

Giving birth can be one of the most moving and beautiful experiences of your life, but unfortunately, this is not always the case for every new mum.

If you are worried about giving birth, you are not alone. Many women assume birth is a dangerous and painful experience to be endured and needs intervention from the medical profession. Many believe that drugs are the only option available, and some women are so terrified of giving birth it can actually prevent them from becoming pregnant. However, although many mothers-to-be in the UK expect to experience a painful childbirth, it is not necessary.

Learn To Relax About Giving Birth

A relaxed, comfortable drug-free birth is the ideal scenario for both you and your baby. Even the most fearful expectant mum, can relearn to feel relaxed about giving birth with advanced hypnosis techniques. Benefits include:

  • A more relaxed, comfortable pregnancy

  • Reduce symptoms of morning sickness

  • Reduce high blood pressure

  • Feel calm and relaxed about your pregnancy and giving birth

  • Better for baby. Increase the likelihood of having a calm and relaxed baby (babies pick up on your feelings inside the womb and during birth, which influence personality and temperament for life)

  • Feel excited about meeting your baby for the first time!

What Causes Fear Of Childbirth?

Childbirth is a natural process, yet in Western society, our minds have been trained by to expect pain, difficulty, and fear. In other societies, such as the Native Americans, women have not been taught to expect pain giving birth and therefore, do not experience it. In contrast, western women’s minds have been ‘programmed’ (often since their own birth!), to expect childbirth to be a painful, difficult experience. Images and stories of painful births are given to us by our own mothers, portrayed by the media, medical professionals and books, and taught during sex education classes at school.

The mind is like a computer – you get what you program it for. If you have been ‘programmed’ to expect fear and pain during childbirth, you are far more likely to experience difficulties and pain than the women who expects childbirth to be natural and safe. Fears around childbirth can be created either through learning from others, or as a result of a particular incident or experience.

Why Choosing The Right Methods Is Vital

When you are frightened, the body tenses up making childbirth difficult and painful. With hypnosis, the body is able to relax and the process of giving birth smooth and without pain. Hypnosis can also help reduce complications and speed up your and your baby’s recovery time. Traditional ‘hypnobirthing’ is a fabulous way to prepare for the birth of your baby and we do offer hypnobirthing courses for both single women and couples (see below for more information).

Hypnobirthing focuses on helping you ‘relearn’ your thoughts, feelings, and expectations of childbirth. However, hypnobirthing has only an estimated 1 in 4 success rate. If you have a more serious fear of childbirth, advanced hypnotherapy is recommended BEFORE any ‘hypnobirthing’ course.

Overcoming Fear Of Childbirth

Advanced hypnobirthing therapy is a specialist treatment and success rates are far higher than traditional hypnobirthing. The reason is because this highly individual approach not only addresses your particular fears and needs but deals with the source of the problem.

Advanced hypnotherapy is designed to find and address the root cause of your fear, rather than simply giving you tools and techniques to relax. Age regression hypnotherapy allows us to access earlier memories and uncover the source of the anxiety and fear. By revisiting old memories again combined specialist therapy, your subconscious mind can be persuaded to let go of the fears and create new feelings and thoughts. These are the first steps in eliminating the subconscious’s fear of giving birth.

Changing Your Expectations

Once the root cause of the fear has been successfully dealt with, suggestion hypnotherapy is used to help you feel relaxed, calm and confident about giving birth.

It is important to only use suggestion (new software) at the end of the therapy because (a) we will have a good understanding of your specific fears around giving birth and which thoughts, feelings and reactions need to be changed for you and (b) suggestion will only work correctly once the ‘mind viruses’ are removed.  Think of it like your computer. If your computer has a virus on it, the software is ineffective until the virus has been removed.  It’s the same with the mind.

Once the main therapy has been completed, teaching you the skills and techniques of self-hypnosis with my comprehensive individual sessions are the perfect preparation for welcoming your new baby to the world.

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Client Testimonial

Thanks for all your help as the birthing experience was joyous and calm despite being in hospital.  Baby seems very relaxed too!

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