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Meet Jenny O'Kelly

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Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner

Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

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Jenny O’Kelly, our fertility specialist is trained in medical hypnosis, and is an expert in treating medical conditions using hypnosis, having undergone an extensive 2 year medical hypnosis masters diploma training. Jenny is one of the handful of hypnotherapists with experience in the operating theatre, successfully using hypnosis for painless surgery. She is passionate about helping couples conceive and manage the whole pregnancy journey.  If you have given birth previously and you have been left traumatised or with PTSD this could be one of the many reasons for secondary infertility.


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Virtual IVF

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This client was ready to give up after many years of failed attempts with IVF.  She had undergone every test and there was nothing that should be stopping her from getting pregnant.  She was ready to give up.  I was so happy for her when I received this message from her…………


Just wanted to thank you and let you know against all the odds its seems my 10th IVF cycle has worked!


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I spent a lot of Sunday’s at Jenny’s throughout my pregnancy and I completely looked forward to each weekly session. Not only do you learn exactly how your body changes and handles birth but the relaxation that comes with it is immense. I felt closer to my baby and felt completely at ease at the thought of labour. 

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I just wanted to thank you properly for the four sessions I had with you, and in particular the last one. I had been absolutely dreading our appointment at Chelsea and Westminster to discuss IUI but after the work we did on Tuesday I went to it yesterday feeling so positive about things and that nagging doubt I have had that nothing would work has left me completely. It’s an amazing feeling.